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What Happens When You Let Retards Be Your Moderators?

You get zero donations, mass unsubscriptions, your stream gets its total viewership doubled by a stream on a channel with less than 100 subs, and your fan site takes down all promotion of you and promotes your own brother instead.

Sounds like a great idea.

Hopefully you can sell that mini pool table he gave you for a good price, since you’re going to be pretty short on donation money for a while.


Edit: I thought I should add if you want to correct this wrong, there is a very simple way. If you are pleased with the outcome then simply do nothing. Otherwise you need to:

1. Immediately remove mod privileges from Jason White and Justin Payne.

2. Post a live stream video where the sole purpose is to apologize to Aussie Rebel and Bigdebo72 and give them back their mod status.

3. In that same stream, swear on Sam’s soul (RIP) and the soul of Daffy that you will never allow Justin Payne to host one of your streams again.

The ball is in your court.


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