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The Great Bannening of 2019

The New Year started off with a bang on Aaron’s channel. You might have noticed if you check out all his latest live stream videos, only the comments left by the mods are visible.


Apparently every single user that posted a comment on any of his recent streams had been banned from his channel. You can see Aaron discuss it in this video at the 7:05 minute mark:

Then again in this video at the 21:27 mark:

There has been much speculation, but it sounds like a rogue mod may have went through and manually banned everyone. As a result Aaron was forced to unban almost all the people in his banned list. There would be no way to tell which ones were legitimate posters, and which ones were trolls, so they all had to be set free.

So who was behind it?

Did Jason White go on a Pabst Blue Ribbon bender and get mad when people started mocking him about his dead dog, then ban everyone in a drunken rage?

Or did the Amish one get tired of being ridiculed for his ridiculous beard and Nazi-like moderating techniques and ban everyone in a marijuana-fueled tirade?

Apparently they have both denied doing it.

So with no solid proof of the culprit, it is completely possible the rogue moderator is still out there…potentially waiting to strike again. What will Aaron do?

Will he remove all moderators? Or will he just get rid of the most notorious mods known for banning people and hope he has picked the right ones?

Leave your comments below on who you think the rogue mod is and what should be done to them.

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  1. admin January 14, 2019 at 10:56 am

    I never mentioned it in the original post, but there is also the possibility that Aaron himself did the mass banning and is in fact trolling us all once again.

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