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2 Retards Play With Fire

This lost video made me physically ill. Not just the sheer stupidity on display, but mostly the complete lack of respect for someone else’s property. Ignore all the racial slurs Danny spits out. And the gay sexual comments Aaron constantly makes towards Danny.

Just watch how that criminal fraud destroys an electric frying pan by cooking it on a stove top. Then he starts a fire on the counter, filling the house with toxic smoke and practically destroying the cupboards with flames. Throwing lit matches right on the counter. If that dirtbag did that in my house I’d beat him with that frying pan until they had to surgically reconstruct his face using an old picture as a reference.

Not surprising he went on to be a felon accused of sexually taking advantage of a mentally challenged girl.

Failed Attempt at a Threesome?

This video is just downright creepy. Not sure what is going on here. But you have Aaron talking in a meek cuck-like voice, while seemingly trying to convince Danny and Katie to do something.

My theories:

1. Aaron was trying to convince them both to have sex with him. Notice how in one part Danny says “no” to Aaron’s requests then says “that’s gay”?

2. Aaron just wanted to watch them fuck. Again…Danny refused because the thought of creepy Aaron watching him from the darkness of the corner while strumming the 6.2 seemed gay to him.

Either way, Aaron was in full creep mode during this video and I now have to go try to wash the unclean off of me.

Carkey Lost Videos #2

This is one of many failed attempts by the Wizzard to make a video go viral. It is a reupload of a 5 year old video that chronicles a pubescent Lotto King against his mongoloid older Wizzard brother in a high stakes game of Mortal Kombat. If only the game were real life, Laurel would have barged in as Goro and ate both of them…

Carkey Lost Videos #1

This series is to introduce newcomers or refresh the long time viewers/fans/trolls to some classic Carkey videos. As you know The Wizzard has a tremendous backlog of videos. Rather than have you sort through them yourself, we here at will catalog Aaron’s hottest classics for your viewing pleasure.

I thought we’d start the series with a bang and view “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GROOGOORAR SPOONSAR MOOTARKOO-LARBI-LARBOO”.

Aaron was paid $100 to produce this video for Larry Anderson and Greg Matiko. Hopefully they are still around the Carkeyverse and know how thankful we are for their contribution to it. This video spawned the infamous “ha ha hahaha happy birthday to you” rap by Danny Ferris aka Tommy Houghes aka Jason Aldean. Enjoy or throw up or shit in box, your choice. Woo!