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Aaron Kosharsky films Himself Committing Property Damage

Here Aaron Kosharsky films himself damaging at least 5 garbage cans, then uploads evidence of his crime to YouTube.

If you live in the Pinellas area of Florida and have had your garbage can damaged in the past please contact your local authorities and send them this video.

Aaron’s Seedy Past

Just an update for anyone that is new to the Kosharsky world. This information is all public record available in a google search online. Original public sources have been linked. This has also been added to the Biography page for easy reference.

From Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, an arrest record for GRAND THEFT:

Aaron Kosharkey Arrest Record

From, his mugshot for the above offence.

Aaron Samuel Kosharsky mugshot

Another charge, this one shown on Arrested for a Scheme to Defraud.

aaron kosharsky fraud
aaron kosharksy drunk driving

Concerned Citizen Reports Aaron Kosharsky for Driving After Consuming Alcohol

I was going to say this was one of the best trolls ever, but it wasn’t really even a troll. Aaron had some drinks then drove his car on New Year’s Eve. It’s all there on his stream. A quick-thinking concerned citizen reported him to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

You can watch the stream yourself to verify. If someone has the exact time stamp in the video in which it occurs, please add it to the comments.

Thank you to the kind person who was trying their best to keep our streets safe and possibly save someone’s life.