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Subscribers Dropping Like Flies

If you read my last post you will see Aaron had an influx of new subscribers after the LA Beast incident. At the time I made that post, Aaron had already dropped down to 7184 subscribers. I’m happy to announce as of the time I am writing this, he is currently at 7142 subscribers. Great work everyone. Keep unsubscribing. In no time at all we will have him back under 7000 subscribers where he belongs.

Aaron Accuses His Mother, Momma K, of Killing His Father Sam

We have always danced around this subject in the chat, but it finally came to a head on the last live stream. Watch the video and determine for yourself if Momma K is a saint for taking mercy on Sam, or an evil woman that pulled his plug early in order to reap the financial benefits.

Aaron Kosharsky Drinks Milk Out of His Filthy Sex Toy

I always say a new low, but there’s not really any point in saying it anymore. We reach a new low every time he does a challenge.

In this one he is paid $40 to drink milk out of his disgusting sex toy that he fucks in the shower. You can tell by his acting that he thinks he is pulling one over on people. He probably cleaned it beforehand. But the sad part is a Kosharsky’s idea of cleaning is totally different than yours or mine. The real joke is on him since that disgusting sex toy would be completely nasty even after a Kosharsky style cleaning. They’re incapable of cleanliness.

The good part is maybe all the germs will help build up his immune system so he is not constantly sick all the time. Aaron, go to a fucking doctor. You sound like you’re dying.


Welcome to the Kosharskys

User submitted pic.

Here’s what you can expect on the next exciting Kosharsky stream. Riveting entertainment.



Aaron Kosharsky films Himself Committing Property Damage

Here Aaron Kosharsky films himself damaging at least 5 garbage cans, then uploads evidence of his crime to YouTube.

If you live in the Pinellas area of Florida and have had your garbage can damaged in the past please contact your local authorities and send them this video.



The years have not been kind to our Lord and Master, the great grand Wizzard.
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Carkey Lost Videos #2

This is one of many failed attempts by the Wizzard to make a video go viral. It is a reupload of a 5 year old video that chronicles a pubescent Lotto King against his mongoloid older Wizzard brother in a high stakes game of Mortal Kombat. If only the game were real life, Laurel would have barged in as Goro and ate both of them…