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Site Update

Unfortunately the server is currently being attacked by bots, so I had to restrict login by IP address. (it’s not a specific attack on this site, just the entire server)
So right now, if you want to login and post some content on here, you will first have to email me your IP address so I can add it to the whitelist.

You can check what your IP address is by visiting

Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully I can find a longer term solution that is not such a pain in the ass. Fucking script kiddies can suck Aaron’s sweaty ballsack.

Hoping I can just install a security plugin that will mask the WordPress logins so they aren’t such easy targets.

Also big thanks to Josh A for the new Karky Soundboard. The link has been added to the menu on this site. Be sure to use that for some prank phone calls and record the clips for us.

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