Play the Butthole Game

Oh, we’re back again?

This won’t last 24 hours til the bumbling, drooling, googly eyed sloth and her droopy eyed one ball mutant son throw a shitfit again. Until then, here’s WOO written on my bag.


Forgive myself and my surroundings being filthy. I was working in my shop. Work, you two, it’s where you go to exchange goods/services for money. Try it sometime.

Carkey Lost Videos #1

This series is to introduce newcomers or refresh the long time viewers/fans/trolls to some classic Carkey videos. As you know The Wizzard has a tremendous backlog of videos. Rather than have you sort through them yourself, we here at will catalog Aaron’s hottest classics for your viewing pleasure.

I thought we’d start the series with a bang and view “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GROOGOORAR SPOONSAR MOOTARKOO-LARBI-LARBOO”.

Aaron was paid $100 to produce this video for Larry Anderson and Greg Matiko. Hopefully they are still around the Carkeyverse and know how thankful we are for their contribution to it. This video spawned the infamous “ha ha hahaha happy birthday to you” rap by Danny Ferris aka Tommy Houghes aka Jason Aldean. Enjoy or throw up or shit in box, your choice. Woo!



Momma K is a thief

The Wizz just reported that while Lotto King is going on rides that aren’t as scary as Laurel, Momma K is robbing his booth blind. These proceeds will go to polar pops, gas, corn dogs, and a lawyer to take this site down. She is also banned from Jehovah heaven and is excluded from the 144k club. According to the wizz, Jehovah’s don’t believe in hell, so upon death she will probably be forced to relive the same sad existence she is living right now only with more sexual depravity and less money. If that’s not hell then I don’t know what is.


We’re back bitches

Due to popular demand, and after some concessions on both parties ends, is back. I have agreed to get rid of my precious porn ads, and Aaron says he will attempt to put Drama K on a leash. We will see how things go. He will also be writing up some biographies for himself and his family that I will post on here, and will also start posting under his own account on here. I am creating an account for him as we speak. The front end of the site needs a slight redesign to replace my porn ads but I will get to that later.

Also please remember, no Laurel nudes!

Now back to your regular scheduled trolling.