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Kosharsky Compilations and Highlight Channels

If you’re like most fans, you can’t get enough of your Karky fix every week, so you have to look elsewhere to supplement the weekly streams. I thought it might be handy for some of the newer viewers to know what other channels out there have dabbled in Kreeping out with the Kosharskys. Here they are in no particular order (links will open in a new window):

Jyscal – the current king. If you only visit one of these channels, make it this one.

Foam Green – the former king, but unfortunately currently on hiatus. Jyscal had to step up to take his place, and had some very big boots to fill.

Wizard Game – our Canadian friend. Be sure to check out his series on Mattman. It’s a classic.

Josh A – if you’ve seen the live streams you know who this is. Not everyone knows he makes highlight videos. Check them out, they are great.

DeeDave – you have to sort through some rubbish, but there’s lots of great Kosharsky videos hidden in there if you look. Also the home of one of the greatest Kosharsky videos ever, “Worse than hoarders – The Kosharsky House Tour.

Space Mannequin – He had some really good videos titled “The Very Best of The Video Game Wizard.”

64Bit4Life – Home of the “Wedding Video”, and some other great rants about Aaron.

Walter Blackness – He only has the one Kosharsky video, but it’s a real knee-slapper!

Laurel Atkinson – If you’ve ever wanted to watch Laurel exercise, have I got a link for you!

If you know of any others, please post them in the comments.

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