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How To Post Shit On This Site

I thought I would lay out some basic instructions on how to actually post on this site. I use WordPress every day so I sometimes forget some people have no idea how it works. We’ve had some new members sign up recently and we’ve also had people sign up and never post anything, so hopefully these instructions help everyone out if anyone didn’t post just because they never knew what to do.

First you need to register your account here, then request Author access from me. Just send me an email to the address on the Contact Page saying you want to post here.

Once I have changed your account to an Author account, you can go to this page to login:

Next you want to get to the Dashboard so you can start posting. In the upper left hand corner, just hover your mouse up there and you will see a link appear to the Dashboard. Click that shit.

Get to the Dashboard!

Once in there you will see something like this image below, although it may vary slightly. What you want to do hover your mouse over the Posts link, then click Add New.

Next you will see the screen below. I have added descriptions on each part of the screen in red. It is pretty self explanatory. To add pictures to your posts make sure you hit the ADD MEDIA button. To see the image below in higher res, just click it. It will make it easier to read.

Don’t be scared to experiment. You can’t screw anything up too bad. Worse case scenario if you mess shit up I can come in and fix it or just delete it.

Have fun and Woo!

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