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February earnings 2019 week 2 YTD


Aaron slumping a bit this week.  He has been scamming lately by walking out to play a video game or sitting in the background on his phone, totally dropping out of his streams.  He will do this when he hits between $30-50, and force Josh & Momma K to take over for over an hour or more.  Then he will come back and sit in the background, mention wanting donations again.  He will get one or two from firstfive & then he will kill the stream.  His inability to stick out the streams without going forehead stream or walking out has dropped his income by about $50 per stream, and he didn’t really have any sales in the store.  His biggest gross is from the comic convention at around $1100, but the expenses made that a loss.

Aaron also had some problems with Axis the week prior which might have effected some of his will to stick on streams this week.  Axis public ebay with no personal information was leaked, and he hasn’t been seen since.  May not seem like a problem, but Axis had been bragging to Aaron on many casts he was moving 3-400 a day on ebay, and his ebay doesn’t show this having only 38 sales in the last month.  Bonus picture of drugs being smoked out of a plastic bag live on Aaron’s youtube stream.

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