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Tribute To Jason White

After last night’s (now deleted) stream on Aaron’s channel, I just wanted to post this tribute to Jason White.

Edit: Thanks to the fast work of Josh A, the clip has been saved. View the stunning work of Jason White below:

You deserve it buddy. Thanks for the laughs. May the future bring you many Ford Raptors and bottles of fine whiskey.

Ford Raptor Finest Whiskeys

Aaron Kosharsky films Himself Committing Property Damage

Here Aaron Kosharsky films himself damaging at least 5 garbage cans, then uploads evidence of his crime to YouTube.

If you live in the Pinellas area of Florida and have had your garbage can damaged in the past please contact your local authorities and send them this video.

Failed Attempt at a Threesome?

This video is just downright creepy. Not sure what is going on here. But you have Aaron talking in a meek cuck-like voice, while seemingly trying to convince Danny and Katie to do something.

My theories:

1. Aaron was trying to convince them both to have sex with him. Notice how in one part Danny says “no” to Aaron’s requests then says “that’s gay”?

2. Aaron just wanted to watch them fuck. Again…Danny refused because the thought of creepy Aaron watching him from the darkness of the corner while strumming the 6.2 seemed gay to him.

Either way, Aaron was in full creep mode during this video and I now have to go try to wash the unclean off of me.

The N64 Kiosk Scam

A hidden gem. He was scamming all the way back in 2015. Not only is he basically begging for donations (or donos, as he calls them now to save time to maximize his e-begging) for a gofundme for his mother’s failing Game Wizard 2 store, if you read the comments you can see a disgruntled customer talking about how Aaron ripped him off in a shady N64 kiosk sale gone wrong. Shameful.

Click the image below to see what I’m talking about.

n64 scam

Go read the comments for yourself and ask Aaron about this scam.

Site Update

Unfortunately the server is currently being attacked by bots, so I had to restrict login by IP address. (it’s not a specific attack on this site, just the entire server)
So right now, if you want to login and post some content on here, you will first have to email me your IP address so I can add it to the whitelist.

You can check what your IP address is by visiting

Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully I can find a longer term solution that is not such a pain in the ass. Fucking script kiddies can suck Aaron’s sweaty ballsack.

Hoping I can just install a security plugin that will mask the WordPress logins so they aren’t such easy targets.

Also big thanks to Josh A for the new Karky Soundboard. The link has been added to the menu on this site. Be sure to use that for some prank phone calls and record the clips for us.