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Aaron Accuses His Mother, Momma K, of Killing His Father Sam

We have always danced around this subject in the chat, but it finally came to a head on the last live stream. Watch the video and determine for yourself if Momma K is a saint for taking mercy on Sam, or an evil woman that pulled his plug early in order to reap the financial benefits.

Aaron Kosharsky Drinks Milk Out of His Filthy Sex Toy

I always say a new low, but there’s not really any point in saying it anymore. We reach a new low every time he does a challenge.

In this one he is paid $40 to drink milk out of his disgusting sex toy that he fucks in the shower. You can tell by his acting that he thinks he is pulling one over on people. He probably cleaned it beforehand. But the sad part is a Kosharsky’s idea of cleaning is totally different than yours or mine. The real joke is on him since that disgusting sex toy would be completely nasty even after a Kosharsky style cleaning. They’re incapable of cleanliness.

The good part is maybe all the germs will help build up his immune system so he is not constantly sick all the time. Aaron, go to a fucking doctor. You sound like you’re dying.

Deleted Lottery King LiveStream – Chocolate Massage From Momma K

I was quick enough to save this video before The Lotto King had a chance to permanently delete it. In this video Tyler pays Joshy to take a shower in Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Momma K is doing the application of the chocolate sauce and seems to enjoy herself a little too much as she slathers her son’s naked torso in it.

We also have an appearance from Nicolestime. Surprise, surprise, she is actually a real woman.

Oh, and there’s a 16bitPete appearance as well. Something about that guy makes me sick.

Coolest kids on the planet

Your kids are never too young to be shown the ways of the Karky and to learn how to effectively troll Aaron.

Case in point…watch as these awesome kids burn an autographed reminder of Aaron’s failed modeling career. This was actually a prize he had the nerve to give away in one of his illegal YouTube raffles.

The commentary is absolutely priceless.


2 Retards Play With Fire

This lost video made me physically ill. Not just the sheer stupidity on display, but mostly the complete lack of respect for someone else’s property. Ignore all the racial slurs Danny spits out. And the gay sexual comments Aaron constantly makes towards Danny.

Just watch how that criminal fraud destroys an electric frying pan by cooking it on a stove top. Then he starts a fire on the counter, filling the house with toxic smoke and practically destroying the cupboards with flames. Throwing lit matches right on the counter. If that dirtbag did that in my house I’d beat him with that frying pan until they had to surgically reconstruct his face using an old picture as a reference.

Not surprising he went on to be a felon accused of sexually taking advantage of a mentally challenged girl.