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Game-Wizard Site Update

Just a quick update. Yes, the porn ads are back in full force. Live cams, XXX games, we’ve got it all.

Also, be sure to try our new porn survey. Link is always available in the top menu. Along with our interactive Live Cam page. Go trash talk a cam whore right now for free, 24 hours a day.

Time to make this site as raunchy and disgusting as it deserves to be. Just no Laurel nudes. We’re never going that disgusting.

Josh A has really been ramping up content production on his youtube channel lately, so check it out if you’re not subscribed already. Also his Karky Soundboard has a new home at:

Make sure you go there and submit your own clips to be added to the soundboard. You can also access it from our soundboard link in the top menu here as well.

How To Post Shit On This Site

I thought I would lay out some basic instructions on how to actually post on this site. I use WordPress every day so I sometimes forget some people have no idea how it works. We’ve had some new members sign up recently and we’ve also had people sign up and never post anything, so hopefully these instructions help everyone out if anyone didn’t post just because they never knew what to do.

First you need to register your account here, then request Author access from me. Just send me an email to the address on the Contact Page saying you want to post here.

Once I have changed your account to an Author account, you can go to this page to login:

Next you want to get to the Dashboard so you can start posting. In the upper left hand corner, just hover your mouse up there and you will see a link appear to the Dashboard. Click that shit.

Get to the Dashboard!

Once in there you will see something like this image below, although it may vary slightly. What you want to do hover your mouse over the Posts link, then click Add New.

Next you will see the screen below. I have added descriptions on each part of the screen in red. It is pretty self explanatory. To add pictures to your posts make sure you hit the ADD MEDIA button. To see the image below in higher res, just click it. It will make it easier to read.

Don’t be scared to experiment. You can’t screw anything up too bad. Worse case scenario if you mess shit up I can come in and fix it or just delete it.

Have fun and Woo!

2018 Troll Of The Year Results

The community has spoken and the results are in. Blowhardish walks away with the title of 2018 Troll of The Year. Congratulations!

Jyscal and Arnie came in second and third.

troll of the year results

You win the shitty prize pack of games that no one wants and I was going to throw in the garbage at one point. Some of them are probably even scratched. Seriously.

Troll of the Year Prize Pack

Email to let me know where to ship them. I think he may be wanting to donate them to someone that might actually use them, so if you want this pile of crap you better suck up to blowhardish on the next stream.

The Shits Of Yesterday

Obvious Cheating on the Troll Awards Poll

I guess you can’t expect much else from trolls, but it does say something about their character. I like to think of the good trolls like Robin Hood. Sure they might steal from the rich, but at least they give to the poor. The person that is cheating the poll is not like Robin Hood, but more like Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood. This dude took in an orphaned child for the sole purpose of helping him secure land deals to further increase his oil drilling empire. No redeeming qualities whatsoever, and a vile human being, other than a cool catchphrase or two. “Bastard in a Basket!”

I initially had the poll set to use cookies, but then thought I should at least change it to go by IP address. Of course, that is not much harder to cheat either, but I thought it would at least keep people honest since it takes a small effort to perform the cheating.

But the flawed character of the individual in question was obvious to most many moons ago. I am hereby declaring an executive order and disqualifying him from the contest.

cheaters never win


Troll Awards 2018

The 2018 Troll Awards

The first annual Aaron Kosharsky Troll Awards

With the year coming to an end we have decided to finally hold a vote for this year’s top troll. There are a bunch of potential nominees but please comment below if there’s anyone you think deserves to be on here.

blowhardish – I think this is self explanatory.

Arnie Kosharsky – this guy is a legend already. Messaging Krazy K about Badbitch028 is just one of the reasons.

Bigdebo72 – witty motherfucker rules the chat when he’s around.

Papa Jerps – relentless. The truth truly hurts and he knows that, plus he’s Papa Jerps.


Daryl Daryl – The troll with a heart of orphanage gold and a bloody asshole. Daryl is a legend.

ClassicGamesCanada – He made this site.

Jason White – The White Knight troll. Took over for Fennen and hasn’t looked back.

The Bits of Yesterday – He trolled Aaron into making a documentary and the Wizzard signed on the dotted line.

The Canadians – Wizzard game and his brother Bergeron troll Aaron in such secretive ways that nobody knows what happened but I’m sure it’s good.

Jyscal – for his amazing videos

God/Jehovah – chrisluvshacks said so.



Edited by ClassicGamesCanada:

Hey guys, I’m going to sticky this post so it stays near the top. Also I have added a way to vote right now on the right hand side of the site. If you are on a mobile phone then just keep scrolling down and you will see it eventually.

I added a couple people that wanted to be on here or I thought were deserving. I think we probably have enough nominees to go ahead with the voting. I left the Korsharsky’s out just because one of them would probably win automatically. I have also offered up a prize to the winner. See picture below. If you win and don’t want the prize, please choose someone to donate it to. I will ship anywhere in continental US and Canada. If anyone else has a prize they want to add to the prize pool then post it in the comments below. Good luck to all the trolls!

The poll will automatically close on November 30 so get your votes in now!

Troll of the Year Prize Pack


Who should be crowned Troll of the Year 2018?
Who should be crowned Troll of the Year 2018?
Who should be crowned Troll of the Year 2018?
Game Wizard Online Swag Shop

New Karky Swag Shop

Now you can dress like a complete retard! Check out the new merchandise in our Swag shop. Just look at this shit. Who wouldn’t want to wear that in Church? Thanks to MrDietSnacks for the awesome original drawing that I ruined. More designs coming soon.

Karky shit













Just imagine how much of a creep you’d have to be to put your baby in this onesie. Woo!

Karky onesie