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Aaron is sick!

Due to the excessive Florida heat, not showering, and Laurel’s infected roast beef Aaron has been diagnosed with Stachybotrys chartarum on his balls. This is a potentially fatal form of mold that is probably the cause of Aaron’s respiratory problems. He’s known to go balls to mouth, or balls to nose, or balls to eye. Hell, he even cut a hole in his shorts so he has direct access for his talons to claw at his nuts because the mold makes him so itchy.

Momma K has said that Aaron had nut surgery on his undescended testicle at the age of 12 and that the doctor said he might have issues with mold in the future. We need to make sure the Wizzard sees a doctor ASAP because magic isn’t going to save him this time. Please remind Aaron that nut mold is a serious issue and he might die if it is left untreated. Laurel needs to douche as much as she eats as well. Which is around 48 times daily (16 meals * 3 courses for each meal = 48 douching sessions). We’ve all trolled the Wizzard, but now it’s time to save his life. Operators are standing by, please call 727-439-1139 or 727-290-5477 to save Aaron’s balls today.

Troll Awards 2018

The 2018 Troll Awards

The first annual Aaron Kosharsky Troll Awards

With the year coming to an end we have decided to finally hold a vote for this year’s top troll. There are a bunch of potential nominees but please comment below if there’s anyone you think deserves to be on here.

blowhardish – I think this is self explanatory.

Arnie Kosharsky – this guy is a legend already. Messaging Krazy K about Badbitch028 is just one of the reasons.

Bigdebo72 – witty motherfucker rules the chat when he’s around.

Papa Jerps – relentless. The truth truly hurts and he knows that, plus he’s Papa Jerps.


Daryl Daryl – The troll with a heart of orphanage gold and a bloody asshole. Daryl is a legend.

ClassicGamesCanada – He made this site.

Jason White – The White Knight troll. Took over for Fennen and hasn’t looked back.

The Bits of Yesterday – He trolled Aaron into making a documentary and the Wizzard signed on the dotted line.

The Canadians – Wizzard game and his brother Bergeron troll Aaron in such secretive ways that nobody knows what happened but I’m sure it’s good.

Jyscal – for his amazing videos

God/Jehovah – chrisluvshacks said so.



Edited by ClassicGamesCanada:

Hey guys, I’m going to sticky this post so it stays near the top. Also I have added a way to vote right now on the right hand side of the site. If you are on a mobile phone then just keep scrolling down and you will see it eventually.

I added a couple people that wanted to be on here or I thought were deserving. I think we probably have enough nominees to go ahead with the voting. I left the Korsharsky’s out just because one of them would probably win automatically. I have also offered up a prize to the winner. See picture below. If you win and don’t want the prize, please choose someone to donate it to. I will ship anywhere in continental US and Canada. If anyone else has a prize they want to add to the prize pool then post it in the comments below. Good luck to all the trolls!

The poll will automatically close on November 30 so get your votes in now!

Troll of the Year Prize Pack


Who should be crowned Troll of the Year 2018?
Who should be crowned Troll of the Year 2018?
Who should be crowned Troll of the Year 2018?

Carkey Lost Videos #2

This is one of many failed attempts by the Wizzard to make a video go viral. It is a reupload of a 5 year old video that chronicles a pubescent Lotto King against his mongoloid older Wizzard brother in a high stakes game of Mortal Kombat. If only the game were real life, Laurel would have barged in as Goro and ate both of them…

Random Karktography

Aaron sucks the claw.

Laurel shakes her big ass and all dat.

Aaron cucked by a cheap hooker.


No comment.

A young Tyler and his dog.

Someone forgot to eat their 8th meal today.

A Call To Action

The Wizzard has drawn first blood

On today’s stream Aaron banned blowhardish. In response I ask anyone reading this to show up for the next stream with a fresh account named blowhardish. For this stream we will all be blowhardish…or not. Your choice, I won’t lose sleep over it, but do it. It will be fun to troll the Wizz. Thanks.

Momma K Origin Story WIP

Sharon Buono Kosharsky aka Momma K aka Momma KKK aka The Roach Queen aka The Fupa Queen is Aaron’s birth mother and star of “The Kosharskys”. Momma K’s trademarks are her epic fupa (See the birth of the 6.2) and her penchant for Polar Pops despite her debilitating diabeetus. Known allergies include: penicillin, water, ciggies, fresh air, hard work, dignity, self respect, blowjobs, spelling, coherent thought.

Momma K worked for Macy’s for over 20 years before she retired and became an all around nuisance and helicopter mother to Aaron and Joshy. After her retirement and the passing of her husband Samuel, she wanted to follow and therefore compete with her son’s business venture (VGW). Momma K and her son Joshy opened Video Game Wizzard 2: Hidden Levels in partnership with Below The Neck Bob and his fuck buddy/wife/vaginal trampoline Melissa. The marked an interesting rupture in VGW history and was the beginning of the exposure of Momma K as a key villain in the VGW universe.

Despite getting unusually high foot traffic for a VGW branded franchise, Hidden Levels turned into a living room/kitchen for Momma K and Joshy. The store was littered with Polar Pops (Momma K’s always holding one) and empty containers of various fast food paraphernalia.

Ultimately, the VGW 2 store venture was short lived, but an important marking point in the VGW history because Momma K made it a point to claim her purpose was to put her own son out of business. She doesn’t explicitly say this outright, but it is definitely implied in various clips shown on the VGW episodes.
It was after this failure that Momma K became particularly jealous of her children’s monetary levels, despite them being poor themselves. This is also when the hypochondria became severe; with Momma K claiming to be unable to work despite the need to…having spent over 40k of her retirement money on various busted business ventures.

On October 14, 2016 The DeeDave Youtube channel uploaded a video titled “Worse than Hoarders – The Kosharsky House Tour”
This video exposed the house that the Kosharsky clan had lived in for their entire lives to the world. And it wasn’t pretty. We see everything from roaches to newborn kittens living amongst trash heaps of inventory that was moved out of the now defunct VGW 2 store. Momma K was and is an extreme hoarder, as she has said that she still has Aaron’s foreskin from when he was circumcised as a child. She is a devout Jehova’s Witness and while that does explain some of her unique behaviors and thoughts, it does not explain why she keeps all this junk as she has more shit than the 144,000 chosen ones can possibly bring to heaven.

At this time Momma K had entered her house into the “No Roofs Left Behind” contest. She was chosen as a finalist but ultimately sold her trash heap of a house for roughly 1/3 its value. While her house was bought by investors and remodeled, she found out she had won the contest, but it was too little too late. The investors flipped her house for ~180k and she sold it to them for ~70k. This is an ongoing theme in the VGW universe. Bad decisions stem from Momma K and they spread out like roaches crawling out of a fupa.

Momma K used the cashish from the sale of her home to buy a trailer in an over 55 community. As of June 2018 we have been promised a tour of the trailer but Aaron has not delivered. It is rumored that Joshy is still living with her and they enjoy their favorite pastime of watching 50 Shades of Grey together as a monthly tradition. Citation needed.

The Roach Queen has been heavily featured on Aaron’s streams as of 2018. Her blow ups and rants have become fan favorite moments, but sentiment among the fans is that she is lazy and always looking for a handout. In early 2018, Aaron’s friend and unpaid employee known as the Perlerman, quit after multiple spats with Momma K. She accused him of unchecked ciggie smoking, while he maintains that had dual purpose. Smoking kept his nicotine addiction in check but it also kept Momma K away from the store. In June 2018, The Perlerman came back to the store under specific demands, one being that Momma K was not allowed there while he was working.

Aaron’s infamous streams have become known for donation challenges, in which he performs a challenge in exchange for money. (The Box Shitting Incident)
Momma K has also tried to participate in a few donation challenges, most notably was a challenge where a notable guest on stream paid her $10 to clean her car live. Her roach infested car was filled to the brim with trash and despite being paid to clean it, she filled up a bag with trash, put it back in her car, and drove away without completing the task. This is one of many reasons that Momma K has become known as a VGW villain disguised as an elderly, weeble of a woman. Do not let her bulbous and sometimes jovial exterior fool you, she is a stone cold manipulator, despite her not being able to spell most words in this sentence.

While some may say Aaron asks his mother to work as an indentured servant, others might question what exactly she does while she is “working” at the VGW store. Momma K has been fired from past jobs for falling asleep due to her diabeetus and she does the same at the VGW store. She has admitted to doing the marketing and advertising, which can be summed up as grammatically unsound sentences closely related to a word jumble puzzle, with unchecked spelling, then posted to social media. Aaron has been known to translate the gospel of Momma K to numerous fans and viewers. She has also stated that she has does the taxes and accounting for VGW. This has yet to be confirmed because Aaron does not keep detailed ledgers of his business transactions so any financials numbers reported to IRS are guesstimates.

On the subject of accounting, Momma K claims to have paid for multiple things at the VGW store ranging from water bills to stationary. According to her she has never been reimbursed for these charges nor has she seen any payment for working other than a few Polar Pops and a few meals at places that offer gift cards through GameStop. She also claims her son Joshy owes her over 3k, but cannot produce a detailed ledger of the exact amounts and where they came from, putting into question her ability as an accountant.

To Be Continued