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Another Scam

$60 in total donations on the stupid whiteboard and the Wizzard promises another Smash raffle. He doesn’t calculate his net at the store and the market because it doesn’t fit his narrative. Now that the net amount works in his favor, he suddenly knows the difference. He weaseled his way out of it yet again. Stop donating.

Another lie?

At around the 1 minute mark of this video posted by ClassicGamesCanada, Aaron can be seen heckling his brother about his claim of being with 10 women. Aaron states he has been with 4 women himself. Since the original stream both the Katie and Star sex claims by the Wizzard have been debunked. He now claims both Katie and Star are not part of the 4 he mentioned on that stream. We can verify Laurel and her roast beef, so that leaves 3 unknown victims that we have yet to learn about. Another lie or are these poor women on the back of milk cartons? We need them to join the streams or the world may never know…