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Aaron Scams Again – Caught By The Scamalator 6200

Thanks to a generous grant from Justin Trudeau and the government of Canada, the final prototype of the Scamalator 6200 was finally put into use. We are now able to detect any of Aaron’s scams using state of the art technology. Made from the finest Saskatchewan sealskin bindings, the Scamalator 6200 represents the culmination of 10 years of hard work by our top scientists here in Canada. Thank you gentlemen for all your hard work.

As soon as it was put to use, we discovered that Aaron had cheated on his Fleshlight Milk Drinking Challenge. Watch the video above to see how he was exposed by the Scamalator 6200.

Most Disgusting Livestream Challenges

Here it is, a collection of some of the worst and most vomit-inducing livestream challenges from Aaron’s channel. Some of these are truly nauseating.

Subscribers Dropping Like Flies

If you read my last post you will see Aaron had an influx of new subscribers after the LA Beast incident. At the time I made that post, Aaron had already dropped down to 7184 subscribers. I’m happy to announce as of the time I am writing this, he is currently at 7142 subscribers. Great work everyone. Keep unsubscribing. In no time at all we will have him back under 7000 subscribers where he belongs.

Aaron Scams Live In Front Of His Viewers

I thought I would start this article off by saying Aaron has reached a new low. But that is not accurate. Every week this man reaches towards the depths and does something so immoral that it has just become part of who he is.

If you watch this video you will understand. He was supposed to be doing a 1 gallon milk chug challenge. He had a generous 60 minutes in which to down a gallon of milk. Not exactly a challenging task. This should have been done within 15 minutes at the most. But I digress.

Aaron got part way through the challenge and realized he wasn’t going to be able to complete it without vomiting, so live, right in front of everyone, he adjusted his camera so the milk jug was out of view, then dumped out some of the milk into a blue bucket. He seriously thought no one would notice this.

If you watch at 0:17 in the video you will see he reaches for the blue bucket. He clearly put it under his desk and you can see him motion as though he is removing the top of the milk jug and dumping it. He might have also slopped some of it on the floor, as he looks around for something to clean it up with, and further fidgets around suspiciously.

It is painfully obvious what happened here. And even his co-host Greg called him out on it right in the middle of the stream, but Aaron completely ignores him, as does most of the chat.

Look folks, this is what you a supporting when you send this person money. A habitual scammer that will lie, rob, cheat and steal to win.

And in the end it was all for nothing as he still ended up puking. Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

Laurel Is…The Bionic Woman

All of Laurel’s true strengths are explained after watching this video. Before she totalled the streetsweeper she was but a shell of her current form. Now in her final form, she has been rebuilt to be better, stronger, faster.

Top 10 Livestream Fails – Aaron Kosharsky

A top 10 video I made of some of the most ridiculous meltdowns ever to occur on an Aaron Kosharsky livestream. I bring back such classics as the Chris Fennen / Walter Blackness fight, and everyone’s favourite, Aaron physically attacking his own mother. (that actually happened twice…just imagine how often it happens when the cameras are not rolling).

I know it is a long video, but if you click this link to watch the video directly on youtube, the first comment on the video has timestamps for all 10 segments, so you can skip ahead to the ones you want to see. Enjoy!

Momma K Speaks to the Dead

With the help of Star Rain, Wiccan mistress of the night, Momma K performs a satanic ritual, summoning the spirit of her dead husband Sam back from the grave to see if he can clear up any concerns Aaron might have about whether or not she murdered him for the inheritance money and death benefits. Not ones to waste such a great opportunity, the Kosharsky trolls are thoughtful enough to ask the ghost of Sam all the important questions, like if he knows the cousin story… or if Aaron is shooting blanks.

Big ups to Star Rain for being such a good sport. Check out her youtube channel here.